Prof. Lena Gieseke

 Lena Gieseke

Professor of Visual Media Technologies

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Computer graphics, software development, media design

Teaching Interests

  1. Visual media design
  2. Technical direction
  3. Computer graphics
  4. Programming

Research Interests

  1. Visualization
  2. Mechanisms of artistic control
  3. Procedural graphics

Short Biography

Lena Gieseke is a professor of Visual Media Technologies in the university's new Audio-Visual Application Design M.A. program and responsible for developing the program. Moreover, she is currently earning a PhD degree from Universität Stuttgart: As a member of the Visual Computing working group in the Department of Computer Science, she performs research in the field of computer graphics, focusing on procedural image generation and its controllability.    

From 2000 to 2004, Lena Gieseke studied Computervisualistikat Universität Koblenzand earned an M.F.A. degree in Dramatic Media from the University of Georgia, USA in 2007. After freelance assignments as a 3D generalist in Los Angeles, USA, she worked for Scanline VFX in Munich as a scripting and pipeline TD from 2008 to 2011 and, until 2012, as an application developer for 3DXcite (formerly known as RTT) in Munich. In 2012, she started pursuing her PhD at Universität Stuttgartas a scholarship student in the Digital Media doctoral program. In 2015, she spent three months in San Jose, USA as a visiting researcher at Adobe Research.    

Selected Publications

Gieseke, Lena; Klingel, Sven; Fuchs, Martin:
Shake it up – Image Decomposition and Rearrangements of Its Constituents.
Proceedings of the Workshop on Computational Aesthetics (2015).

Gieseke, Lena; Koch, Sebastian; Hahn, Jens-Uwe; Fuchs, Martin:
Interactive Parameter Retrieval For Two-Tone Procedural Textures.
Computer Graphics Forum 33 (4) , pp. 71–79 (2014).

Gieseke, Lena; Koch, Sebastian; Hahn, Jens-Uwe; Fuchs, Martin:
Applying state-of-the-art parameter retrieval for procedural textures.
Proceedings of the 11thEuropean Conference for Visual Media Production (2014). 

Gieseke, Lena; Koch, Sebastian; Hahn, Jens-Uwe; Fuchs, Martin:
Towards visually assisted navigation of large parameter spaces.
Proceedings of the Workshop Big Data Visual Computing – Quantitative Perspectives for Visual Computing (2014).

Fuchs, Martin; Koch, Sebastian; Gieseke, Lena; Mozer, Florian; Eberhardt, Bernhard:
Towards a Practical Gamut of Appearance Acquisition.
Eurographics Workshop on Material Appearance Modeling: Issues and Acquisition 2013 , pp. 21-23 (2013).

Selected Projects

Animation "A 3D Exploration of Picasso's Guernica" (2007)

  • Unabhängiges FilmFest, short film selection, Osnabrück, Germany, 10/2008
  • Ars Electronica, "Best of" selection, Linz, Austria, 09/2008
  • Seoul Design Fair, Hall of Imagination, Seoul, South Korea, 09/2010–10/2010


  • Special recognition award for "Outstanding Contribution to the History Channel Documentaries", University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA, 04/2007